Company profile

Mission Statement & Motto

Management Philosophy

Achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling quality, cost and delivery requirements and make a contribution to society.

Our Belief

Our belief is to improve the mutual satisfaction of customers, employees and company.

Company profile

Company Name

Maruwa Seiko Co. Ltd.


Head Office: 1358-7 Oomaru, Inagi-shi, Tokyo

Contact Address

TEL: 042-377-9980
FAX: 042-377-9981

Representative Director

Nobuyuki Mitsuyama


10 million Yen

Number of Employees

About 30

Year of Establishment



Tama Shinkin Bank Inagi Yanoguchi Branch
Japan Finance Corporation Tachikawa Branch
Jonan Shinkin Bank Inagi Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd. Hachioji Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, etc.

Factory Site

170 Tsubo (approx. 562 sqr)

Shipping Methods

Transportation facilities in addition to carrying in by hand

Overtime reduction through operation review and information sharing, even as a manufacturing industry with a deadline


Declaration of working-style reform

We are engaging in working-style reform for improving the work-life balance of each staff member.


Management and visualization of work-in-process on software a

While each staff mamber had left the office upon completion of their own duties beforehand, we have introduced a system so that they can confirm their respective work targets and/or overtime work at a morning gathering. This has made the workload recognized over the whole office and changed their awareness of overtime.


Reduced income due to decrease in overtime work is fully covered by pay raise.

We recognize the necessity to consider income decrease of staff because of reduction in overtime through work optimization and review. Staff has had a pay raise in the last three years. Moreover, we will consider in future outsourcing to subcontractors as needed and securing emergency processing workers to deal with urgent needs in order to meet the deadline.